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Food Discovery at Your Fingertips

Glutto is a food discovery dining guide for large venues that immediately provides venue guests with personalized food recommendations via phone, tablet or PC. With decades of experience, we understand eating trends ahead and on a deeper level than the competition.
We provide curated food-related content to guests while allowing them to identify their personal eating preferences and dietary restrictions. This provides a customized experience so guests can view food & drinks relevant to their tastes.
Striking Visuals

Hunger-inducing images increase food & beverage sales.

Superior Technology

No-download technology & dashboard with live food & beverage data

Seamless User Experience

Integrates with existing applications and websites.

Fully Responsive

Viewable on screens of all sizes on any smart device.

Highly Visual & Personalized

Glutto creates highly visual & personalized mobile dining guides to elevate the guest experience at your venue. Think of us like a dating app connecting people with the food they want most.


The Problem

Venues are moving to cashless, contactless, mobile-friendly environments to improve both the safety and speed of the guests. Labor costs are rising and getting more efficient in venue operations to promote a better fan experience is a priority Glutto understands.

Venues are improving & expanding food offerings, but guests don’t have an easy way to discover the foods that match their personal preferences or dietary restrictions. Most venue food directories are boring and lack the design & functionality the typical consumer expects now.

The Solution

Use the Glutto dining guide platform as a stand-alone app or easily integrate it with your existing mobile apps or POS. We also provide an easy-to-use back of house admin tool for menu modifications.

Behavioral data analytics are provided to the venue. This provides unique insight to the guest interests in the venue’s food & beverages. This data allows venues to make financially sound decisions when analyzing food & beverage options.

For your guests, our customer-facing app platform offers filters to instantly see foods available based on diet, allergies, and other eating preferences. We include your venue’s vibrant, high-quality images of offerings to incite hunger leading to increased revenue.

Shorter lines at concessions, due to more educated guests, leads to increased f&b revenue per capita with an average of 20% higher per transaction.

Built for World-Class Venues

Our custom food guides are thoughtfully developed for venues with diverse food offerings to satisfy a variety of tastes.

Sports Arenas / Stadiums / Ballparks
Amusement & Theme Parks
Hotels & Resorts
Shopping Malls
Convention Centers
Convention Centers

About Us

Glutto strives to provide the best personalized food & drink recommendations. We started as a platform to provide individuals with curated food recommendations across the United States, Glutto Eats. This evolved into personalized, data-driven food recommendations for large sports & entertainment venues.

Beyond helping our users feed their hunger, we help the food insecure by promoting philanthropic organizations that support the cause against world hunger—because no one should ever worry about their next meal.

Our Mission

Our focus is to provide an elevated food discovery experience for your venue that meets each of your guest’s personal tastes and dietary needs.

Leadership Team

Kristina Reynolds
Kristina Reynolds
Founder & CEO
  • Bachelor of Science in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego
  • Certificate in Business Management from the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business
  • 10+ years in the food & beverage technology industry
  • Author of The Fittest Food Lovers—interviewed sports legends, celebrities and fitness experts
  • Published hundreds of trending food-related articles
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds
VP of Tech & Business Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego
  • 15+ years of IT sales & management
  • 5+ years of IT project management
  • 5+ years of SEO, SEM and digital advertising
Frank Sandoval
Frank Sandoval
Director of Software Development
  • Computer Software Engineering program at California State University - Fullerton & San Marcos
  • 14+ years of web and application development and design
  • 12+ years of internet marketing
  • 6+ years of startup experience

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